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Volunteering at The Hummingbird Centre

Mechelle's team are all volunteers, no one is paid for what they do, nor Mechelle Harris our Founder.

The Hummingbird Centre's team are chosen for their array of qualities that they can bring to The Hummingbird Centre, some of whom have been touched by cancer.

All of our volunteers undergo training throughout the year, they are supported by their Team Leaders and encouraged to attend any courses they may be interested in, expenses are paid for travelling or any materials that are purchased to enable them to carry out their skills or activities that they wish to bring to The Hummingbird Centre.

Our Complementary Team are all professionals who give up their time free of charge on a regular basis all of whom are provided with top quality oils and equipment in both of our treatment rooms, if you have the time and skills and would like to volunteer then why not get in touch.

We will often provide Work Experience and Counselling Opportunities as its important to work collaboratively within our community creating knowledge and understanding for those who wish to understand and find out more about the affects of cancer.

Many will come on board and say "I don't know what I can offer" - all we say is if you have a listening ear and can make a cuppa the rest will follow.

Mechelle our Founder is very good at encouraging our team to develop and grow with our guests, their fellow team members and The Hummingbird Centre, many have come on board and have been encouraged to grow and develop their own dreams and passions or promises which have enabled The Hummingbird Centre to provide some of the services we offer today.

Becky: "When I came on board as a Trainee Counsellor 3 years ago I was taken aback to have been given the opportunity as many placements wanted so many hours of experience which at the time I did not have, The Hummingbird Centre gave me that chance, they've supported me with my Supervision, the course that I was taking, worked with me with regular 1:1's, Peer Support Meetings and training, this year I passed my Counselling with Distinction, not many volunteering placements give you that opportunity nor support!"

Debbie Make Up Artist - Beauty Room: "Mechelle approached me to revamp and put together the Beauty Room here at The Hummingbird Centre after we had received a donation from The Blackthorn Classic Car Show (2016) - working with Mechelle on this was an amazing opportunity as she took on board my professional skills/ knowledge and guidance on what would make the room work, to this day she will often say change it if you need to, if you are happy to buy what equipment you need then do so - just give me the invoices or the contact details she never questions why, and will always check that my team have what they need and if not the next thing we know we have it !! - I've been with The Hummingbird Centre for 4yrs, it always amazes me the opportunities we are given"

Should you be interested in volunteering for The Hummingbird Centre please telephone 01869 244244 for an Application Form