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The hummingbird centre is a very friendly and welcoming centre, everyone makes u fell at home and there’s always someone at hand to talk to if you need. The therapists are amazing and all the treatments that I have had have helped me feel on top of the world 
Thank you hummingbird

Guest NB

I have just been lucky enough to attend a Cancer Care course at this venue over the past couple of weeks. What an amazing little haven on our doorstep! The feeling of calm and well being as you walk through the door is incredible! How lucky we are to have this amazing place for the people of Bicester.

Guest TW

I've been devestated by my husband's recent death at 51 after a short illness. We had just 6 weeks together and I can honestly say that the staff and volunteers at Hummingbird have carried my through the worst weeks of my life. I've cried (a lot), staggered through the doors in tears at times only to be held and comforted, with kindness, reason and cake. I've also laughed a lot, despite such a recent loss and that's something I didn't think I would be doing for a very long time. I'm only at the start of my journey through life without my darling man....but somehow I'm a little less scared because of The Hummingbird Centre.

Guest H

The Hummingbird Centre is such an amazing place to have locally. Over the years I've had the chance to experience opportunities I would never have attempted without the support & encouragement of the centre yet most importantly I learnt to realize that whatever you are going through, with support hope & light can be found in darkness & you never have to stand alone.
A safe, warm and welcoming environment full of love, laughter and friendship and acceptance. Thank you Mechelle and team for guiding me to the path that is healthy and right for me.

Guest CS

The atmosphere at the Centre is calming, friendly and welcoming. The staff open their arms and their hearts to those who need support through difficult times and are always there to provide a listening ear and a cuppa!

Guest EL

Such a wonderful place with lovely people. Would recommend to anyone.

Guest NSS

GDT Fire Alarms LTD

GDT Fire Alarms LTD has chosen to raise money for The Hummingbird Centre after seeing firsthand what great work they do. This is for not only the people that have the illness but the families that it affects too.

We decided to change our charity to the hummingbird Centre in 2017. The decision was made to choose a local charity that we can build a strong friendship with and help the centre grow.

Our team can see where our money is being spent which means a lot to us as we work hard all year round always organising something. We have held quiz nights at our local pub, an annual 5k run and our biggest charity event is our Annual Golf Day. We hold this at Chesterton Golf club at the end of August every year. Last year we raised just over £10,000 on the golf day event which has enabled The Hummingbird Centre to produce their own Complementary Therapy book which explains their services that are available at the centre, they've been able to send guests on respite days, develop their collaboration with Equilore which enables them to send their guests to have 1:1 therapy with horses which is so empowering. Lighting's been fixed in their reception area and main entrance as well as a couple of new heaters.

We are really pleased to announce they've been able to take over another building within the Mews and created an Activities Building and our funds have been able to provide some new technology.

Mechelle and her team whenever possible will always try and come along and offer support to our fund raising events which creates a great working relationship, what we love is that they will always keep us up to date on what the monies been spent on.

We the funds are invested wisely, knowing it does not go into providing salaries or into the running costs makes us feel extremely proud to support The Hummingbird Centre, which have been awarded the Queens Award, MBE Voluntary Services as well as many other awards. It reassures us that we are working with a professional, hard working charity on our own door step.

GDT Fire Alarms Ltd has been established since 1992. We are a small family company that takes pride in getting to know our customers and their needs. GDT specialise in service, Installation and maintenance of all types of Fire Alarms Systems, Emergency Lighting & Extinguishers.

The Hummingbird Centre came to the attention of Focus a few years ago when one of our team went along to a local event in Bicester.

They were enamoured at the passion and enthusiasm Mechelle had for the centre and her vision for the future and the awards the centre have been rewarded with certainly prove it is working.

The team there have certainly achieved a great deal since then offering support, friendship counselling and complimentary therapies to the Bicester community who are affected by Cancer. Their premises have expanded to and include rooms for Beauty Therapy and Arts and Crafts to lift the guest's spirits and make their journey a little easier.

We as a local Bicester publication have adopted them as our chosen charity for the area so we support the centre by offering them editorial space within our magazines, enabling them to spread the word regarding all the valuable work they do, the courses they offer for volunteers and events they plan to hold to.

As a worthwhile Charity and much needed Sanctuary for their guests, we will continue to support them in their venture to offer the people of Bicester a friendly and supportive environment, in their time of need.

Focus Magazine

BFG Studio and The Hummingbird Centre

I didn't know much about cancer care before I found out about The Hummingbird Centre. Sure I knew the headlines, the big fundraisers, the hospices, the big things that everybody has heard of. I knew about its devastation, but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones whose life hasn't been directly affected by cancer yet. It was only when my mum and Ray started volunteering at the centre that I started to understand how important this care is and how important it is to do it right. When the chance arose to work with The Hummingbird Centre to create a new brochure, we all at BFG Studio jumped at the chance. We wanted to help spread the word and tell the world what a great job they do.

The time spent with Mechelle, the volunteers and guests gave us a real insight into the wonderful world of The Hummingbird Centre the long term vision and what it means to people to have access to a place like this. One thing that really stood out for us was the feeling of a calm positivity. We knew that whatever we created wouldn't be scary, preachy or patronising, it needed to be honest, friendly, engaging and if possible uplifting.

We worked closely with Mechelle Harris, Founder of The Hummingbird Centre, Elodie Negrinotti Photographer and Dr Neil Swindells, to create stories through the words and pictures that would give potential guests an idea of what it is like to come and spend time at the centre and what it feels like to be part of the team of volunteers. But the core was built around telling the story of The Hummingbird Centre with a view to encouraging people to donate, Become Friends of the centre or offer their services.

With the help of the whole Hummingbird family, we've achieved that and produced a document we can all be proud of.

Stuart Beveridge
Founder/Creative Director
BFG Studio

Interview by Kat Orman, from BBC Radio Oxford

To hear the words of a guest from The Hummingbird Centre on what we do,
please take a little time out of your day and have a listen.

Interview by Kat Orman, from BBC Radio Oxford

©copyright BBC Radio Oxford

Mechelle Harris, Founder of The Hummingbird Centre would like to thank BBC Radio Oxford.

After hearing the interview and you feel that you would liket to support The Hummingbird Centre by Becoming a Friend of The Hummingbird, which enables you to make a regular donation to the centre, please either go to our:

Become A Friend of The Hummingbird Centre tab and complete the form

DHL Bicester
… why The Hummingbird Centre?

As part of DHLs Corporate Responsibility we annually seek a local charity to support and raise money for in the local community.  The idea is to put something back into the community that we take out from the warehouse operation and HGV movements.

We normally ask for suggestions from the staff which are generally driven by personal experience or circumstances.   For 2015 The Hummingbird Centre was chosen and voted for by the site staff.

Simple reasons:- almost everyone is touched by Cancer during their life in some form so we can appreciate the help that the centre can provide, and the centre is as close to the site as we can possibly get.

In our short time working with the Humming Birds this year I know that this is possibly the best charity support decision we have made as a site as all of the staff are really committed, dedicated and all round nice individuals who are giving their time for others!

Whatever support, financially or otherwise, we can give is probably not enough to pay back this kind of dedication!
Not to mention the feel good factor of helping with and being a small part of something this worthwhile.

Brian Bergmann
DHl Bicester

The Hummingbird Centre is Sainsbury’s Bicester Charity of the Year.   The local charities are nominated by our customers and our colleague’s short list and choose the one they wish to work with and support. We had a large number of nominations for the Hummingbird and the colleagues were blown away by the services provided by the centre.

Supporting local charities is all about working together to make a difference, and it’s a great opportunity for the Sainsbury’s team to work closely with the Hummingbird to help raise money and awareness for the Charity.   Over the past four years, our Stores, depots and support centres have been partnering with local charities to make a positive difference to the community.

At Sainsbury’s Bicester we are delighted with the partnership because the support and service they offer at The Hummingbird Centre to people affected by Cancer in the community is very valuable as there is no other sanctuary like this in the town. Our relationship with the Hummingbird has been very strong and this has been down to how friendly and dedicated the team are there. We have been very impressed with the volunteers at the centre with how welcoming and friendly they are with the “guests” no matter where they are on their journey.

From the outset our aim has been to help the Hummingbird get established, and grow the hugely valuable service they provide.

Vince Brimble
Store Manager - Sainsbury's
Telephone 01869 853600

Not sure that thank you is ever enough. But thank you it is. My family and I have had the most amazing relaxing week away thanks to you guys. The kindness of the center enabled us to be away for a week in the most beautiful respite house in the most beaitiful part of Cornwall. I hope that Mechelle and the other volunteers are able to carry out their work caring for those unfortunate enough to ever be diagnosed with cancer, for many years to come. Hopefully in time I myself can help out. Then I can give a little something back. Xx

Sharon Weaver, Hummingbird guest

Come on EVERYONE let’s give our support to this wonderful place, The Hummingbird Centre. It’s a truly magical place, as much as Disney world is to a child.  One of the best things I have ever done was to attend this magical place. From entering their doors for the first time (which I will admit was quite scary and I did feel sick) I can honestly say that as soon as the door was opened I was embraced and greeted by this wonderful lady, Mechelle Harris, and it was as if something in this place just took all the worry form inside my body, as I just felt a warm glow and heard her gentle voice telling me as she had hold of my hand that she would be with me through my journey of cancer and would not let go until I felt strong enough.  All the helpers who I call ‘My Hummingbirds’ are so very special and give their time up freely, which is priceless, so I just cannot wait now until a Tuesday and Friday as you share laughter (which is something you forget to do) and tears (a lot!) - but that's OK as you are not judged and you only speak if you want to, you can have beauty treatments, play games, craft making and lots more. I could not be without this wonderful centre as it came into my life halfway through my journey and it has helped me so much.  So please ...  if you feel that you could do with a chat or even a cry, then this is the place to come, believe me. And the free cuddles are priceless. So come and have a look and I am sure that you will not be disappointed xxxx

Fiona Wastie, Hummingbird guest

Where else is there that as soon as you walk through the door all your worries and doubts disappear .The welcome committee ie everybody there is terrific .The support you receive is second to none .
And with FREE tea/coffee and cakes who could ask for more .

Keith Lester, Hummingbird guest

The hummingbird centre is a lovely place too come everyone is so friendly I can share my experiences and feel very welcome and has helped me along my journey would highly recommend and is much needed facility for everyone too come together and for me it was somewhere too come too feel normal and not like a cancer patient. At first I didn't think I needed the centre but after a few times I realised how much I did and I enjoyed some reiki and massage too. This was definitely somewhere I will continue too support even now I have finished my journey :)

Kathy Price, Hummingbird guest

On Sunday 9th October, local couple Steve and Karen Sargant took part in the Vitality Oxford Half Marathon to raise awareness and funds for The Hummingbird Cancer Support and Therapy Centre. Speaking before the race, Karen said “The Hummingbird Centre has given invaluable support to our dear friends Chris and Jo. Last year, they were given the devastating news that Chris had bowel cancer. The Hummingbird Centre has been a lifeline for them as a family offering advice, counselling and support in their darkest days. It has been a place where they can talk, meet with others and realise they are not alone, and we're running to show our appreciation to the Centre for taking care of our friends in their cancer journey”.

After months of rigorous training and pounding the streets of Bicester, Karen and Steve made their way to Oxford early on Sunday morning and gathered with thousands of other people who were there to raise money for their charities. At 9.30am the marathon started but with so many competitors it took Steve and Karen some time to reach the start line. When the eventually got there and started, there was no stopping them. Determined to beat their personal best times, Karen and Steve set of with vigour and although the going was tough at times they maintained their enthusiasm and spirit, often raising a smile for the crowds of supporters throughout the run.

Steve set a new PB of 1hr 46 mins, beating his original time by over 9 minutes. Karen also had a great run, finishing in 2hrs 11mins which was an 8 minute PB. Despite a gruelling run, both were upbeat and had a smile for the cameras.

Steve and Karen raised £225 for The Hummingbird Centre.

After the race Chris said “The centre would not be able to offer the invaluable support it does without selfless people like Steve and Karen. I am so grateful to them”.
“The Hummingbird Centre has been a great support for me and my wife Jo. I don’t know how we would have coped without the support of the centre’s devoted volunteers. I would recommend it to anyone who is fighting cancer”.

Karen & Steve Sargent