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Welcome to The Hummingbird Centre

At The Hummingbird Centre, we know that finding out you have cancer is frightening,
over-whelming and life changing.

We believe that nobody should feel alone and we can help you to find out more about cancer as well as explore complementary therapies to support your lifestyle changes.

The Hummingbird Centre
Not far from central Bicester, in a rural and calm setting that is easy to get to, The Hummingbird Centre is a relaxed place for cancer patients, whatever stage throughout the cancer journey. We also want to encourage those who have survived the journey but feel they can not express how they feel about surviving, which can also be a difficult emotion to have to cope with.

One in three of us will be affected by cancer. You and your loved ones will need plenty of support and care to help you cope and live well. 
The Hummingbird Centre is a great place to meet people, get information, talk to our team, be pampered and have fun. We have created a space for you to come and relax, escape your daily life and pressures and have the opportunity to talk to people who can help and support you both practically and emotionally. 
Alpha Cars taxi services
Alpha Cars very kindly provide free taxi services for guests to/from the centre. 
Should you need this service, please contact the centre and we can arrange this on your behalf.

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Day Centre Opening Times
Tuesday - Friday:
10am - 4pm